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Tiny Scholars Learning Labs

What are Tiny Scholars Learning Labs?


Tiny Scholars Learning Labs are engaging two-hour classes that focus on developing foundational reading and mathematics skills for early learners, ages 2.5 to 5 years old (only fully potty-trained kiddos, please). These fun academic classes run every week, Monday – Thursday from 9am to 11am -- and students can jump in at any time.


Your Tiny Scholar can join us all four days of the week or you can choose to bring them only on specific days when you may need some extra time to run errands, go to a morning appointment, or (*gasp*) have two hours all to yourself!

What is the class format?

Tiny Scholars Learning Labs will start each day with engaging calendar time to support both reading and mathematical skills. Each day we will cover a set of calendar routines, a critical-thinking starter, a daily number sense focus, and a general mathematical skill activity.


The reading curriculum used for our Tiny Scholars program gets students excited to talk about books, make connections with the stories and their real life, learn valuable life skills and increase their vocabulary. Our themed units will focus on one text per week and each day of that unit we will look closely at (and academically manipulate) this chosen text in various ways.


Tiny Scholars also includes a weekly craft, multiple skills checks, follow-up practice activities, and SO much more!



How will reading skills be developed?

Oral Language: Each week, we will introduce a category of vocabulary words to the study. These "life-based" words will be in addition to the vocabulary words found in the context of the book and are perfect for our youngest learners.

Phonological Awareness: The students will work on one area of phonological awareness each unit. This skill will be applied through the work we do with the weekly poems.

Print Awareness: Each week the students will work on the print awareness skills, such as: book handling, title, author, illustrator, directionality, concepts of print, and environmental print.

Reader's Workshop: The Reader's Workshop is when the students interact with the text.


Independent and Hands-On Application: Each day students will have time to practice the skills they learned using literacy center activities.


Whole-Body Instruction: Literacy learning can easily be paired with the whole body. During our literacy lessons, students will learn the following whole-body skills; gross motor, fine motor, balance, transitions, and peer-to-peer interaction.


Sample format for the reading curriculum for the week:

  • Monday - Build interest on the topic, make predictions, ask essential questions

  • Tuesday - Build knowledge of unknown vocabulary

  • Wednesday - Use text-dependent questions to elicit simple recall and key story elements

  • Thursday - Retelling of key story elements for the week



What math skills will be developed?

Tiny Scholars math curriculum makes learning math a fun and engaging experience for our little learners by utilizing hands-on, differentiated, small group activities and play-based learning centers. Musicmovement, and learning manipulatives are also key components of our math curriculum, as are adorable mascots for each unit that the kids will absolutely love!

The Tiny Scholars math curriculum includes:

Movement: the students will be UP as they move and learn mathematical skills.


Rhythm: Each week the students will be introduced to a new song.

Whole-Group Lesson: This part of the math lesson will occur with the students down at the carpet. The whole-group lesson includes 2-3 routines led by the teacher.

Small-Group Lesson: This part of the math lesson will occur with the students in small groups. The teacher will utilize differentiated activities to meet each student at their level.

Application and Practice: Students will put the knowledge they've gained and their new skills to work with application and practice activities -- both individually and working in small groups. 


What else is included in the curriculum each week?

The Arts! Tiny Scholars believes in the proven value of incorporating art, dance, movement, song, visual art, and drama in all of our early learning instruction.

How much are Tiny Scholars Learning Labs? 

The Tiny Scholars drop-in price is $40 per class or you can save by purchasing a 4-class bundle for only $100. The 4-class bundle can be allocated in any way that works for you -- use all four days that week or spread the four days out over a month or two. 

This sounds great! How do I enroll my child in Tiny Scholars Learning Labs???

To enroll your child in Tiny Scholars Learning Labs, simply decide if you would like to purchase one single class at $40 or a bundle of 4-classes for $100 and then click the link below to enroll. It is just that easy and your child will thank you! 

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