We love helping teachers and we SUPER LOVE hearing that teachers appreciate our help!


Here's what some of our former workshop participants had to say.  

Marisa K.

Why Marisa Thinks We're Great >

I implemented your strategies right away and they WORKED!!!!

I can't believe how the kids engaged and were on task the whole class period and they love the raffle everyday!

Milisa I.

Why Milisa Thinks We're Great >

This was absolutely amazing and extremely helpful! I cannot wait to implement many of the strategies in the coming year. :-)

Ashley G.

Why Ashley Thinks We're Great >

This was THE most helpful teacher training EVER! This should've been a college course!

Janet A.

Why Janet Thinks We're Great >

Excellent training with great ideas. Knows how to work with challenging students by creating relationships and showing respect. Awesome training that would be helpful for all teachers.

Matthew S.

Why Matthew Thinks We're Great >

I loved the energy/enthusiasm, as well as the honest and realistic approach, of Ms. Henry. She offered practical advice and strategies and how to implement them easily.

Alicia L.

Why Alicia Thinks We're Great >

This was a great class! I am very impressed by the practical ideas and the practice we received.

Elizabeth H.

Why Elizabeth Thinks We're Great >

Seminar instructor knows her stuff. High energy. Powerful.

Gina M.

Why Gina Thinks We're Great >

This training was extraordinarily helpful. I found a lot of simple, quick fixes that would eliminate a majority of my problems.