SAT/ACT Test Prep

What is a good score on the SAT and ACT?

The answer to the question, "What is a good score on the SAT or ACT?" is, in all honesty, best answered with the statement, "It depends from student to student." Some students may need a 99th percentile level score to qualify for admission to an Ivy League school while others are seeking a solid 70th-80th percentile score to achieve a partial- or full-ride college scholarship. Both outcomes provide really good scores to meet the individual academic goals of the test takers.

The link below provides a way to determine an estimate of what a student might score on the SAT score against based on their ACT score (and vice versa).

Will test preparation really help improve my score?

Absolutely... 100%... YES!!! Putting in the hours to thoroughly prepare for these high-stakes exams is critically important to maximizing your potential on test day. In fact, test prep is the only way to see significant improvements in your score, as standardized tests are designed to give you a consistent score unless you do something to develop academic and critical thinking skills in between testing administrations. 


The ACT and SAT are so much more than just content mastery exams; they test a student's critical thinking and analytical skills as well. Understanding how the test makers "think"... that is, how they have constructed the test questions and answer choices and formatted the overall flow of the exam... are vital skills for demonstrating success on the SAT and ACT.

This is where test preparation is so beneficial. This is where putting in the hours to get inside the heads of the test makers to unpack their process is so crucial. This is why test preparation works.


Score gains lie in the amount of time and focus that is given to learning proven test-taking strategies, fully grasping must-know academic content, and becoming familiar with the formulas used to construct the test questions and answer choices. These are all elements covered in the Learning Labs SAT/ACT prep classes and tutoring sessions. So, no worries. You do not have to do this alone. We have the proven expertise to help.


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