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Homeschooling Services

Are you interested in a non-traditional schooling option to provide your child an individualized learning experience that still meets State curriculum guidelines? Learning Labs' Homeschooling Services provides a certified team of teachers who are ready to help. 

Our Plan

Full-time Support of 4 Core Subjects

(Full Design and Delivery of Customized Curriculum)


With this individualized homeschooling support package, we will design and deliver customized curriculum for four (4) core units of study (typically Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies, though you may also substitute Spanish for one of these topics) to support your student’s learning needs and the State of Florida’s grade-level requirements.


A student work portfolio will be compiled throughout the year using the work and assessments your student completes during their Learning Labs’ sessions. This portfolio will be turned over to your possession at the appropriate times each semester for your delivery to the School Superintendent to demonstrate your child’s satisfactory completion of required coursework for their grade level.


Students will attend Learning Labs Homeschooling Support in the mornings and then have the option of taking elective coursework (such as: yoga, dance, cooking class, sports, etc.) from another local provider in the afternoon.



Learning Labs Homeschooling hours:

5 days per week: 9am – 12:15pm Mon-Fri


4 days per week: 9am – 1:00pm Mon-Thurs



4 core subject areas = 64 hours/month x $37.50/hour = $2400 per month



Options for Part-Time Support of Core Curriculum (1, 2, or 3 courses only):

1 course   = $800 per month (16 hours/month of coursework @ $50/hr)

2 courses = $1400 per month (32 hours/month of coursework @ $45/hr)

3 courses = $2000 per month (48 hours/month of coursework @ $41.67/hr)


Note: Homeschooling support for Virtual School curriculum can be purchased as needed at Learning Labs’ regular tutoring rates.