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Want to know the secrets to higher SAT/ACT test scores?

You came to the right place.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a high GPA and are one of the top-performing students at your school.


  • You do really well in your Honors, AP, and/or college dual enrollment classes.

  • You have received many school awards over the years to recognize your academic accomplishments.

  • Yet when you take the SAT or ACT, you receive scores that are low or "just average" at best.


    How is this possible???

Don't worry. Your story is one that is both very common and also very  fixable.


Year after year, we work with hundreds of students who come to us with the same story -- they are shocked and confused when they do not receive the exemplary scores on their SAT/ACT exams that they expected and they fear that these tests will hold them back from getting into their top choice colleges and universities. Their academic confidence is shot. Their testing anxiety is through the roof. They are angry. They are depressed. They are desperate for help.


We are here to assure you... there is hope! These tests are perfectly standardized, which means they are perfectly predictable. There is a method to the SAT and ACT's madness, after all, and we are excited to share the tips, tricks, and formulas needed to break the code and unlock your full scoring potential. 


Higher scores are possible for you, and we can help to get you there!

Ready to demystify the SAT and ACT

and unlock the secrets to higher test scores?


Does Test Prep Work?

Our students' results prove time and time again... it does.

Confidence and Test-taking Skill Improvement!

"Debbie and Savannah are incredible teachers. My daughter is taking their ACT/SAT prep class and her confidence and test taking skills have improved greatly. They are so caring and they have really taken the time to learn what she needed to improve and how to motivate her. Your child has to put in the work, but if they do, their scores and confidence will improve. It may seem expensive but big picture the class is a great value. With their help, my daughter will receive a Bright Futures scholarship and we will save a great deal more than the cost of this class."

Tina Featherstone


The Inspiration and Tools for Test Day Success!

"What an amazing loving environment to encourage students to do their best on the SAT and ACT. The entire staff is dedicated and professional toward the end objective of helping each student reach their goals. Debbie and her staff were able to quickly identify the areas of study that needed improvement and provide the inspiration and tools to help my son and daughter succeed. Both of their scores have continued to improve with each test and they feel empowered to continue. The best part of it is, the skills they are learning will help them throughout their college careers and beyond. They are also enthusiastic to attend the sessions and actually WANT to go each time. The rates are very low in comparison with other one-on-one tutoring yet the results superior - what a value! We are so grateful for this amazing place and can't say enough positive about it!!"

Dr. Susan Zito


The SAT Is Not Scary Anymore!

"I started with a 1240 on the SAT at the beginning of the class. I went from a 1240 to a supersore of 1400. It's without a doubt in my mind that this place is the best for SAT and ACT tutoring. Amazing teachers, and a fun class environment. Absolutely amazing results in only a 3 month class. They truly set me for success after such a class. The SAT doesn't become that scary anymore, in fact, it becomes predictable and easier than ever after taking their SAT tutoring class."
"Learning Labs Tutorial has truly made my ACT journey so much easier. With the help of Learning Labs, I was able to gain 6 points on my ACT and get into my dream college! The staff is so supportive and the tutoring times are flexible to your needs!! Couldn't have done it without Learning Labs! :) 10/10"

Jeremiah Webb


I Got Into My Dream College!

Kaelee Diener


Let's discuss next steps and get you on the road to higher scores today!

Here's how the program works:

SAT/ACT Prep Materials

Upon enrollment in our SAT/ACT Secrets Unlocked course, students receive:

  • Customized strategies that meet the student's specific needs to maximize score outcomes 

  • Practice drills from previously released tests to apply strategies and build stamina 

  • Engaging SAT/ACT instructors with 90th percentile or higher scores on the sections they teach

  • Workbooks with must-know test-taking tips and strategies

  • Digital flashcards of the must-know Math and Grammar tips and formulas for test day success

  • Full-length exam simulations with detailed score reports and feedback regarding next steps for fine-tuning and leveling-up the scores

1:1 Strategy Sessions

Students will meet (online) with their tutors for 4 hours a week for approximately 8 to 12  weeks leading up to the desired test date. All sessions will be customized to work on the areas in which the student needs the most improvement while also ensuring that we leverage the student's strengths to boost scores even faster! 

Students meet online with our high-energy, engaging instructors via the Zoom meeting platform. Students always comment that, even though they are online, they feel as if they are working side-by-side with their tutors! It is a quiet and super convenient meeting format that allows the students to work on their printed (in-hand) study materials while the instructor guides them through strategies and practice drills using a digital whiteboard for instruction.


Our students RAVE about their teachers and this personalized learning environment, and you are sure to love it as well!

Weekend Practice Tests

Every other weekend, students complete a full-length practice exam to simulate the test day experience. These tests are proctored online, and our students use real released SAT and ACT materials so that they always get an authentic test day experience. 

While doing weekly tutoring sessions help students drill SAT/ACT problems one-by-one and practice the timing for each question on a small scale, the tutoring drills are just "sprints." They are great for conditioning, but students also need to prepare for the full marathon by doing some full-length, 3.5-hour test day simulations. That is why these weekend simulations cannot be missed.


These tests help students to apply the strategies they learn each week in tutoring, build the stamina and endurance necessary to finish the full test at the proper pace, and develop a comfortability with each section that is crucial for test day success.

The results of these tests are also critically important in helping our tutors better understand what concepts and strategies are sticking for the student versus what areas need to be fine-tuned before test day.

Put stress and worry behind you.
Learn the secrets.
Maximize your scoring potential.

Start your journey to higher scores today.

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